About us

Reggie Games is an Indie company based in Cervia (Italy) founded by passionate gamers and old friends with the common dream of bringing inspiring ideas to life.

We publish board and card games, miniatures games and roleplaying games. We have earned a reputation for the success of ELO Darkness, our 1st project, funded on Kickstarter with the support of 2300+ backers.

Here is our Kickstarter Creator's page.

Contact Us

Do you have a boardgame prototype you want to submit to us?
Do you want us to help you in developing and following the artwork for your project?
Do you need a consultancy service for your Kickstarter campaign?

Feel free to contact us at:
tommaso@reggiegames.com. or alberto@reggiegames.com. - for project and Kickstarter consultancy or game design related requests
laura@reggiegames.com. - for art and creative consultancy requests

If you need any support or if you want more information about our products, contact us at support@reggiegames.com. or directly through our social media channels:


Happy gaming!

Tommaso, Alberto & Laura